Recruiting Attorneys


Current Openings

Biotech Partner - Degree in Biology, Chemistry, or similar field. Experience in biotech patent prosecution and counseling, and portable business required. An advanced degree is preferred for this position.


Patent Agent or Technical Specialist Degree in Electrical Engineering, PhD. Preferred. Minimum experience of 2 to 3 years.


Associate Degree in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering. Minimum experience of 3 to 4 years in Litigation Brief Writing and Patent Prosecution.


Christie, Parker & Hale's recruiting efforts are focused on hiring talented, experienced attorneys and law clerks with specific technical and legal backgrounds.

Candidates with strong technical and law school credentials are encouraged to apply for summer and full time positions. In addition, the firm maintains an active recruitment program for 2L and 3L students, and extraordinary 1L students. Applications may be sent directly to the firm. Candidates are also welcome to sign up for an on-campus interview at law schools where the firm conducts regularly scheduled interview programs. The firm presently interviews on-campus at Georgetown, George Washington, UCLA, USC, Loyola, and Pepperdine.

Compensation for partners and associates at Christie, Parker & Hale is competitive with the highest rates in the country, with a starting salary of $145,000 for the class of 2011. Associates receive a guaranteed minimum bonus of 30% of billed hours over 1850 hours. Our base salary grades are reviewed annually.

Please contact our HR/Attorney Recruitment Coordinator, Ms. Guyane Orudzhyan, at regarding employment opportunities at Christie, Parker & Hale, LLP.