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A device for measuring an analyte concentration level in a subject...

Menonp (Stylized) and Design 8666465
Eckhardt et al.

The present invention comprises various embodiments of a retroreflectometer capable of measuring the retroreflectance of a material...

Eckhardt et al.p (Stylized) and Design 8675194
Palmer et al.

Metallocorrole complexes of third row transition metals (see Formula I below) may be used as therapeutic agents, catalysts, components of oxygen detectors, and components of oxygen detectors, and components of light emitting diodes...

Palmer et al. p (Stylized) and Design 8680266
Fedorov et al.

A method for providing continuity over a series of transactions is provided...

Fedorov et al.p (Stylized) and Design 8681970

A universal television lift and enclosure suitable for outdoor use...

Carrp (Stylized) and Design 8678523

An align fixture for aligning an electronic component having an elastic unit plate having an elastic unit receiving section, a receptacle adapted to receive the electronic component and having a first abutting section and a second abutting section, and an elastic unit, the first abutting section being flexibly mounted via the elastic unit, the elastic unit is adapted to exert a force to align the electronic component to the second abutting section, and the elastic unit is a separate elastic member adapted to be mounted at the elastic unit receiving section.

Hofmannp (Stylized) and Design 8683680

The present invention relates to a method for maneuvering an imaging satellite, and more particularly a method for commanding control moment gyroscopes on an imaging satellite to change the attitude of the satellite...

Baileyp (Stylized) and Design 8688296
Burke et al.

A sealing mechanism for a drop cable splice enclosure includes a base having an entry hole for receiving a drop cable inserted through a compression grommer assembly, from outside the enclosure...

Burke et al.p (Stylized) and Design 8686289
Vopert et al.

A device and method of determining the electrical properties of an electrical device, including taking of at least one measurement of an electrical measured quantity at one or more brought-out electrical connections...

Vopert et al.p (Stylized) and Design 8704545

Led Light Design Patent

Chengp (Stylized) and Design D703843
Collins et al.

An opportunitic modem (OM) system receives user data at an input port and transmits a modem output signal at an output port...

Collins et al. p (Stylized) and Design 8711910
Bravo et al.

A frame assembly for anchoring a containment box with a top opening in a surrounding driveway surface and for removably attaching one of a plurality...

Bravo et al.p (Stylized) and Design 8714397
Yaccarino et al.

The present invention relates to active electronically scanned array antennas...

Yaccarino et al.p (Stylized) and Design 8717243

An optical packet switching apparatus includes an optical coupler for branching off a received optical packet signal, an optical switch unit for switching the route of one of the branched-off optical packet signals so as to be outputted, and an optical switch control unit for controlling the optical switch unit.

Kawasakip (Stylized) and Design 8718470
Anisimov et al.

A system for routing short message service (SMS) messages to endpoints in a contact center includes a first node for receiving SMS message streams from multiple sources operating variant protocols and for multiplexing the multiple streams into a single message stream following a universal protocol, a media gateway server connected to the first node for receiving the single message stream...

Anisimov et al.p (Stylized) and Design 8718690
Yoon et al.

The present invention relates to a method for preparing composites of substrate-molecular sieve, in particular, to a method for preparing a composite of substrate-molecular sieve, which comprises applying a physical pressure to molecular sieve crystals against a substrate to form a chemical bond between the molecular sieve crystal and the substrate...

Yoon et al.p (Stylized) and Design 8771639
Mobile Hi-Tech Wheels

Vehicle-Wheel Front Face

Mobile Hi-Tech Wheelsp (Stylized) and Design D709019
Pleiss et al.

A door module for installation in a motor vehicle door is provided...

Pleiss et al.p (Stylized) and Design 8776438

The following description is of 2-year-old rose plants of the new variety grown outdoors in Wasco, Calif. in the month of September. Phenotypic expression may vary with environmental, cultural and climatic conditions, as well as differences in conditions of light and soil.

Coinerp (Stylized) and Design PP24653
Fan et al.

A method for facilitating infiltration of an infiltrant material into a TSP material during re-bonding of the TSP material to a substrate...

Fan et al.p (Stylized) and Design 8783389