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Provided is an organic light-emitting display device and a method of manufacturing the same. The organic light-emitting display device includes a plurality of pixels; the pixels further include opposing first and second electrodes, and an intermediate layer disposed between the first and second electrodes. The pixels are divided into red, green, and blue sub-pixels. The intermediate layer has a thickness that varies according to the sub pixels.

Songp (Stylized) and Design 8344619

The present invention related to polycrystalline ultra hard material cutting elements, and more particularly to a method of forming a polycrystalline ultra hard material cutting element with a thicker ultra hard layer than cutting elements formed by prior art methods. In an exemplary embodiment, such a method includes pre-sintering the ultra hard material powder to form an ultra hard material layer that is partially or fully densified prior to HPHT sintering, so that the ultra hard layer is pre-shrunk. This pre-sintering in an exemplary embodiment is achieved by means of a spark plasma process, or in another exemplary embodiment by a microwave sintering process.

Bellinp (Stylized) and Design 8349040

The present invention provides a bi-directional catheter with nearly double the throw in its catheter tip deflection. In particular, the travel path of each the puller wire includes a U-turn or doubling-back around a pulley which minimizes the offset angle between the puller wire and the longitudinal axis of the control handle while maximizing the travel distance of that puller wire for any given distance traveled by the pulley drawing the puller wire. In one embodiment, the catheter has an elongated catheter body, a catheter tip section with first and second diametrically-opposed off-axis lumens, and a control handle which includes a steering assembly having a lever structure carrying a pair of pulleys for simultaneously drawing and releasing corresponding puller wires to deflect the tip section of the catheter.

Selkeep (Stylized) and Design 8348888

An organic light emitting display is capable of reducing or preventing IR drop in a cathode electrode. An organic light emitting display includes a first substrate and a second substrate. The first substrate has a plurality of pixels located thereon, each of the pixels comprising an organic light emitting diode, wherein a cathode electrode of the organic light emitting diode including a transparent material is located on substantially an entire area of the pixels. The second substrate has a mesh type auxiliary electrode located thereon at a side facing the pixels, the mesh-type auxiliary electrode corresponding to non-emission regions between the pixels and electrically connected to the cathode electrode.

Kwakp (Stylized) and Design 8354980
Biedermann et al.

A rod connection for fixing a rod part in a surgical device within a bore of a rod receiving member includes the rod receiving member having a bore having an inner diameter, the rod part having an outer diameter, the rod part being introduced into the bore, wherein the inner diameter of the bore and the outer diameter of the rod part are selected, such that the rod part is press-fitted into the bore of the rod receiving member. The bore has an inner wall surface opposing an outer wall surface of the rod part, the inner wall surface or the outer wall surface being provided with at least one recess in order to reduce a contact surface area between the rod part and the rod receiving member.

Biedermann et al.p (Stylized) and Design 8353936
Matthis et al.

An expandable intervertebral implant includes a front wall, a back wall spaced apart from the front wall, and two side walls connecting the front wall and the back wall at their respective ends. The walls define a space. The implant further includes a bottom face, a top face, at least one engagement member with an engagement surface for engagement with the end plate of a vertebral body, a first adjusting element and a second adjusting element which are supported by a first support member and a second support member, respectively, and which cooperate with the respective support member such that the engagement member is reciprocally movable between a first end position and a second end position.

Matthis et al.p (Stylized) and Design 8366777

A flat cable including thin coaxial cables each having a center conductor and a jacket, parallel arranged two-dimensionally in a flat shape, and joined by tangling them with a weft yam in units of predetermined number of very thin coaxial cables. The flat cable further includes tangling yarns that are arranged parallel along the edges in the width direction of the thin coaxial cables, and the elongation of the weft yarn is greater than that of the tangling yarn. When the very thin flat cable is bent, the bent portion of the weft yarn is elongated, and thereby the bent portion of the very thin coaxial cables can deviate from the mesh formed by the very thin coaxial cables and the weft yarn.

Matsumotop (Stylized) and Design 8367932
Gao et al.

A stable suspension aerosol formulation of epinephrine is suitable for administration through inhalation comprising a therapeutically effective amount of epinephrine, hydrofluorocarbon propellant, co-solvent, surfactant, and antioxidant. The suspension aerosol formulation further comprises pre-micronized epinephrine suspended in an alcohol/surfactant solution with hydrofluoroalkane propellant. The suspension formulation provides a highly efficient delivery of drug microparticles into the respirable region of patients' lungs and has the following advantages: lower dosage requirement, minimum alcohol content, with less impurities generated during storage, improved efficacy and safety, and exhibits no ozone depleting potential compared to a formulation containing chlorofluorocarbon.

Gao et al.p (Stylized) and Design 8367734
Babikian et al.

A baby supporting device is provided which includes a frame. The frame includes a first portion for mounting onto a wall and a second portion pivotally coupled to the first portion and rotatable between a first position and a second position. A first stop member extends from the first portion, and a second stop member extends from the second portion, such that when the second stop member engages the first stop member it stops the second portion at the second position. A first surface covers at least a portion of the first portion, and a second surface covers at least a portion of the second portion.

Babikian et al.p (Stylized) and Design 8375490
Tanaka et al. test Tanaka et al.p (Stylized) and Design 8410335
Yago et al. test Yago et al.p (Stylized) and Design 8421862
Ootake et al.

The present invention relates to a spacer member reducing fretting wear and fastened structures using a spacer member, furthermore, the present invention provides a spacer member sandwiched between contact surfaces of contact materials subject to abrasion and suffering from wear and provided with sliding and vibrating surfaces, characterized in that the sliding or vibrating surfaces of the spacer member have a higher hardness than at least one of the contact surfaces of the first contact material and the second contact material and the sliding or vibrating surfaces of the spacer member have  a lower coefficient of friction and a higher flatness than at least of the of the contact surfaces of the first contact material and the second contact material, whereby the sliding or vibrating surfaces of the spacer member do not easily wear down the contact surfaces of the contact materials.

Ootake et al.p (Stylized) and Design 8481464
Hale, Jr.

Spoke segment of a vehicle wheel

Hale, Jr. p (Stylized) and Design D685711
Biedermann et al.

A bone anchoring device includes a shaft of anchoring in a bone and a head, the shaft including a first section having a plurality of barb elements, the barb elements being elastically deformable relative to the body of the shaft, and a second section including a bone thread for engagement with the bone. The first section is located near the tip of the shaft and allows insertion by pushing whereas the second section provides enhanced resistance against pull-out. 

Biedermann et al.p (Stylized) and Design 8486121

A video game controller charging system for charging at least one video game controller provided. 

Navidp (Stylized) and Design 8497659
McCarthy et al.

A printable sheet assembly having a facestock that is provided with a plurality of cards including a card whose perimeter is defined by first and second horizontal through-cut lines and first and second vertical through-cut lines, the intersection of the first horizontal through-cut line and the first vertical through-cut line defining a first corner, the intersection of the first horizontal through-cut line and the second vertical through-cut line defining a second card corner. A liner sheet strip covers the first horizontal through-cut line and is wider at one of the card corners than along the first horizontal through-cut line at an area centrally disposed between the card corners, thereby exposing a portion of a back side surface the card, and the liner sheet strip covering portions of the vertical through-cut lines between the horizontal through-cut lines.

McCarthy et al.p (Stylized) and Design 8507064
Chow et al.

A client-based computer system adampted to communicate with a remote server through a network and to provide access to content or services provided by the server. The system includes a storage device and a cache. The cache is adapted to communicate with the server over the network, to intercept a request from the client to the server, and to store responses from the server on the storage device. The cache is further adampted to automatically determine when to send the request to the server over the network. The cache is still further adapted to provide a response, including from the responses stored on the storage device based upon the request, to appear as through the server provided the response. The system may also include a crawler. The crawler is adapted to operate in conjunction with the cache to cause requests to be sent to the server over the network.

Chow et al. p (Stylized) and Design 8516080
Lertzman et al.

In one embodiment, the present invention is a method and system for collaborative affinity marketing including a processor, an aggregator, a participant, and a merchant. The method and system include enrolling with the collaborative affinity marketing by the aggregator, participant, and merchant; assigning a participant identification code to the participant; storing enrollment information of the aggregator, participant, and merchant; providing the participant identification code to the merchant, when the participant initiates a purchase transaction with the merchant; storing the participant identification code and amount of purchase transaction by the merchant; sending the stored participant identification code, the amount of purchase transaction, and funds corresponding to a portion of the amount of purchase transaction to the processor; and sending a portion of the funds received by the processor from the merchant to the aggregator.

Lertzman et al.p (Stylized) and Design 8521582

Fig. 1 is a top perspective view of a tray showing my new design;

Fig. 2 is a bottom perpective view thereof;

Fig. 3 is a left side view thereof, the right side view being a mirror image thereof;

Fig. 4 is a front view thereof;

Fig. 5 is a rear view thereof;

Fig. 6 is a top view thereof; and,

Fig. 7 is a bottom view thereof.

Marinp (Stylized) and Design D688572
Yamanaka et al. test Yamanaka et al. p (Stylized) and Design 8632882